What makeup to use around 50?

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The golden rule of makeup for a mature woman is to use a technique that makes the face look feminine and refreshed. The more mature the complexion, the more carefully you need to choose products and makeup technique for it.

As we age, it is worth betting on simplicity and minimalism, which is perfectly illustrated by the maxim “less is more”. In this case, it does not mean to completely abandon make-up, just that it should be done sensibly

Makeup for women around fifty should emphasize assets such as beautiful, laughing eyes or full lips and a little hide imperfections. Regardless of age, makeup can add elegance and chic look to a woman. Make-up properly selected for skin and beauty type can work wonders, but at a certain age it is better to be guided by moderation

Mature skin

Makeup should be selected appropriately to the age of the woman, because with the passing of time, it is easier to see on the face of experience and fatigue. Mature women may notice that their skin is no longer as supple and firm as it used to be. The aging process causes discoloration to appear on the face, and the corners of the eyes and mouth begin to droop slightly. That is why it is so important to choose skin care and makeup products consciously. The right firming and lifting products can help keep the skin taut and smooth. Do not forget to moisturize your face regularly. Natural creams containing hyaluronic acid in their composition will be excellent

How to even out skin tone for mature skin?

When choosing a foundation for everyday make-up, women around 50 should pay attention that it is not too heavy. The best solution for mature skin is a product with a light formula that does not weigh down the skin. Sometimes a very small amount of foundation is enough to even out skin tone and to cover discoloration. To get rid of dark circles under your eyes, use an illuminating concealer. This trick will make your skin look younger and more rested. It is important to apply makeup in the right light, preferably natural daylight. It is also important to make sure that your concealer, foundation, bronzer or liquid highlighter, if any, are well applied to your skin. The finishing touch is powdering the face with loose transparent powder. The best effect will be achieved with matte or illuminating powders

How should I paint my eyes when applying makeup for a mature woman?

The most important rule when applying eye makeup is that you can not overdo it with the amount and variety of cosmetics. For the makeup of a mature woman are perfect shadows kept in muted colors. An eye underlined with brown, beige or grey shadows will look fantastic. Another interesting option are decorations in warm gold or powder pink. A great trick for drooping eyelids is to use several shades and apply them respectively on the outer corner of the eye. This way the eye will be beautifully emphasized and the eyelid will be lifted a bit. It is enough to apply the darkest shadow in the outer corner of the eye and blend it properly. In the inner corner we apply light shadow, we can also apply it under the eyebrow line. Next we draw a line on the upper eyelid along the lash line. A brown or graphite eyeliner pencil will work well for this purpose. The line should start at the outer corner of the eye and end in ⅔ of its width. The last step in eye makeup is to apply dark mascara to the lashes

What products to put on my lips?

Lip highlighting should be subtle. At a certain age, many facial wrinkles appear around the lips, so it is a good idea to give your lips a natural color and appearance. A great way to do this is to moisturize your lips with balms and lipsticks. However, if we decide on a colored lipstick or gloss, it is worth to choose light colors, matching the color of our complexion

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