What style is the midi skirt best suited to? Find out how to style it!

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Midi skirts are a striking addition to any outfit. Whether you wear them in summer or winter. They always look good. They suit all occasions. Skirts made of heavier fabrics can be chosen for formal dinners, while those made of lighter fabrics are perfect for everyday wear.

What type of body does a midi skirt suit?

Midi skirts are above all versatile. They fit almost every figure. Often women do not feel comfortable in extreme lengths, such as mini or maxi. In this case the midi length works great. It is a compromise between these two types. Midi skirts conceal wide hips, cover massive thighs, at the same time expose what’s most shapely on legs – calves. What’s more, they are famous for their versatility, because every woman looks good in them. They are aimed at all slim, tall or short people. All you have to do is choose the right model. Currently, there is a very large choice in clothing stores. You can get a skirt suitable for any age.

How to choose the right midi skirt?

Midi skirts should be chosen according to your body type:

  • hourglass – women with this silhouette are characterized by a narrow waist, wide hips and slim legs. They look great in tight, pencil skirts whose length reaches to half calf. Ladies who have a round body, on the other hand, recommend pleated midi skirts, which effectively cover up their shortcomings;
  • pear – women of this figure are distinguished by wide hips, narrow shoulders and small breasts. This figure type looks best in flared, A-line skirts. Midi length emphasizes the figure, while masking the problem areas;
  • column – figure is characterized by narrow shoulders and hips. It is commonly called the boyish. Midi skirts look great if they are heavily decorated. We recommend pleats, ruffles and other details that give volume and attract attention. Thanks to this a woman’s figure becomes optically fuller;
  • apple – for women of this figure the most problematic are the abdomen and the upper part of the torso. Midi skirts look good, but must have a minimalist design. We recommend dark colors, such as navy blue or black, which optically slenderize and elongate the figure

Attractive Key Styles with Midi Skirts

As we all know, midi skirts have many advantages. They suit every party or event. They look great with everyday outfits. However, you need to know what to combine them with to make the whole look breathtaking

  1. Pencil skirts

This type of skirt emphasizes feminine shapes. It is recommended to wear high-waisted, because it emphasizes a narrow waist and slightly wider hips. What to wear with them? Young and slim women may match pencil skirts with short crop tops. Such styles are particularly popular in summer. In the autumn and winter every woman looks good in oversize blouses or hip-length sweaters. If you wear a pencil skirt to work, it is recommended to wear an oversize jacket with it

  1. Flared midi skirts

One of the most feminine cuts listed here. Looks great on the move, so it is recommended to wear it to parties or events. These skirts can be matched with everything. They look good both with sneakers and stilettos. Patterned skirts go well with one-coloured tight-fitting blouses, while minimalist ones look great with shirts decorated with frills or lace

  1. Pleated skirts

This is the latest hit of the season. Especially those, which style is reminiscent of skirts in retro and vintage style. In summer, it is recommended to choose delicate colors, such as pink or dove gray. On the other hand, in winter black skirts of shiny material look great. They go well with smart shirts as well as with casual shirts

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