Hairstyles that will optically slim your face

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If you are wondering what hairstyle will allow you to optically slim your face, then this text is certainly for you. We have selected several haircuts and updos that will allow you to slenderize an overly plump face and give it a softer expression. We guarantee that the results you will get will completely surprise you! Here are the most interesting and simplest hairstyles that will completely change the look of your too round face!

Ideal hairstyles for people with a puffy face

Holders of a round face, as a rule, want to slim it down a bit. This can be done with just a hairstyle. Often even the shape of the face, including round cheeks, does not depend on our weight, but on genetic conditions or age. The younger the person, the rounder the face. If you want to change this and slenderize your face a bit, all you need to do is adjust the right hairstyle. It is about both its length and the updo itself. It is also worth mentioning that you can operate on the fringe, which can also change a lot. Let’s find out the perfect hairstyles for people with a round face!

High updo

It turns out that people who have fuller cheeks and their face resembles a circle should pin their hair up much higher than ladies who have round faces. It is worthwhile that hairstyles are not typically slicked down to the head. Seemingly messy proposals or those that add volume work best. Chignons and ponytails look beautiful, of course, preferably the grandiose ones.

“Hitch” to the back

This season’s extremely fashionable hairstyles are sexy pulled back, the so-called wet Italian. You can actually bet on strands that appear damp, of course, to achieve this effect, you need to use special preparations. The top layer of hair should be styled back, and the bottom layer should be left loose. This will make you look stylish and slenderize your face at the same time! This effect is often used by models or celebrities!

Parting in the middle

It might seem that this hairstyle is reserved only for ladies with a slim face. Nothing could be further from the truth, all you need to know is how to style it and what to avoid. It is certainly worth avoiding slicked-back hair with a middle parting. It is best to bet on a slight lift at the roots. In addition, this hairstyle works wonders only on women whose hair reaches below the ears. You can match it with the extremely fashionable fringe curtain bangs. The whole thing will be practical and very impressive.

Short, slimming hairstyle

What about ladies who love short hair and want it to slim their round faces? It’s only worth choosing the right cut. The best are the proposals that are strongly raised upwards, arranged in the so-called top. Hairstyles with a long fringe on the side, which even have one side shaved, also look great. A short cut can add a lot of sex appeal and make you slenderize not only your face, but also make your neck appear longer.

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