What will help waterproof clothing and footwear?

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For clothes and shoes to serve us for a long time, it is worth taking proper care of them. So it is very important not only cleaning, but also the proper impregnation of clothing and footwear. We suggest how to do it.

Grain leather

The material, which requires special attention from its owner is undoubtedly grain leather. It is extremely durable, however, to keep all its properties and aesthetic values it needs proper care. First of all, it needs regular cleaning, especially in autumn-winter season, when it starts to get wet outside and there is salt on the streets. For this purpose, you can simply use a soft cloth dipped in lukewarm water. If the dirt is heavy, add a bit of mild soap to the water. After cleaning and drying the shoes, be sure to impregnate the material. Remember, however, to use high-quality, specialised products. For example, paints for grain leather renovation will prove very useful


Special attention should also be paid to suede care, which is one of the most delicate types of leather. Its cleaning and impregnation should also be exceptionally delicate. In case of this material, it is best to use special very mild preparations. Remember also not to wash suede in a washing machine or dry it on a radiator. This leather does not like humidity, so it is recommended to clean it dry only. You will need a soft brush that will brush away dirt and dust from the leather fibers and smooth them out effectively. What about tougher dirt, such as mud or salt on suede shoes? Dry ones from salt are best cleaned immediately after coming home. For muddy ones, wait until the dirt dries – then it will be easier to remove with a brush without rubbing too much and risking damage to the material. When it comes to impregnating this material, it is worth taking care of its waterproofness, which is why a waterproof impregnator for suede shoes and clothing may prove exceptionally useful. Thanks to such professional care suede will last for many years.


Denim is also a material which requires special attention. However, many people forget about it and simply put their jeans pants or catanas into the washing machine. And that’s a mistake! Careless care of this material makes it lose its color, and it can even become deformed. So how to properly care for denim? First of all, pay attention to washing. It is recommended to use a liquid for washing black clothes, which protects the indigo pigment. Under no circumstances, however, do not add fabric softener, which affects the rigid structure of denim fibers. Also, always wash your jeans on the left side, with buttons and zippers closed and pockets empty. Remember also that 30-40 degrees is the maximum wash temperature. Warmer water may lead to unplanned sanforizing. It is also worth soaking your clothes in water with a bit of vinegar to protect the precious color. If you want to additionally protect your pants or jackets, you can also use special agents, such as acrylic paints for denim. Freezing is also an interesting, but extremely effective method of caring for denim. Just put your denim clothes in the freezer for a few hours, and when you take them out, they will be like new.

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