Why is online therapy so effective?

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Research has shown that cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can be effective in treating a range of mental health challenges, including mood disorders, anxiety and depression. Most importantly, it does not have to take place face-to-face to prove effective.

Potential problems with arranging on-site support

Sometimes called “talk therapy,” CBT involves meeting with a mental health counselor, such as a psychotherapist, in a structured way to help the patient become more aware of negative thought patterns. With this information, she can work on responding to stressors and unwanted thoughts in a better way. Today we will describe the reasons behind the effectiveness of using this method remotely.

In addition to the problems of seeking mental health services in the local area, there may be difficulties with transportation, limited insurance, or long wait times for appointments.

Online psychotherapy can then provide an alternative, not only for those suffering from depression, but also for employers encouraging employees to take care of their own mental health.

Being able to receive treatment in a familiar environment, such as home, provides a much higher level of comfort. What’s more, you then remove barriers that may seem small but are actually very important, such as scheduling flexibility and transportation issues.

Recognizing Depression

Many people associate depression with a prevailing sense of sadness or depression, but these are actually not always present. In fact, symptoms such as these are seen much less frequently than anxiety or fatigue.

Depression is signaled by the following symptoms:

  • inability to feel joy or pleasure,
  • exhaustion or fatigue that is not relieved by rest or sleep,
  • sudden changes in mood that are unrelated or out of proportion to the situation,
  • chronic pain, especially headaches,
  • lower levels of self-care, such as lack of grooming, poor eating habits, sedentary lifestyle,
  • feelings of hopelessness, distraction, helplessness, or irritability.

Helping Hand is the first app that allows users to receive complete and personalized psychological support online.

What does this mean for a person with depression?

As people are encouraged to stay at home as long as they can, online therapy can be a way to increase access and provide services in a way that therapists simply could not safely do now. Depression can be a scary, serious illness, but we know a lot about how to deal with it and cure it completely.


The days when it was necessary to go to mental health professionals on your own to find help are gone forever. This type of therapy today can easily be done over the phone or via a desktop computer. This is not to say that such services are of inferior quality. They are simply a convenient alternative for people who would otherwise have no way of seeking professional support.

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