Black handbag – a classic that every elegant woman should invest in

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A black handbag is a basic closet item that can be found in every woman. It goes with everything! It can be small, big, ornamented or very modest – there are plenty of models!

Every elegant woman should have at least one (and preferably several) high quality black handbag. No wonder, it’s a timeless accessory that works always – it fits every style and for almost every occasion. It is suitable for work, for important outings, in cold winter or in hot summer. Let’s see which models are worth investing in to enjoy this fashionable accessory for a few seasons!

Shopper – timeless and very practical

There is probably no better black bag for everyday use than a shopper. It is large, very capacious and perfect for e.g. work, school, shopping or university. It can easily store A4 size documents, books or notebooks. The black shopper bag looks elegant and classic. It goes perfectly with a chic coat and high heeled shoes. When choosing a model, pay attention to whether it has an additional compartment and a zipped pocket inside. This is important because you will be able to hide your phone, keys or wallet there. A shopper bag made of black ecological or grain leather looks best

A postbag not only for small things

Another black bag, which should be considered as a must have for every fashionable woman, is of course a postbag. And this is a model that can have many different faces. Its characteristic feature is a flap. The most popular are purses with rounded bottom and horseshoe shape. This model is timeless, so we can be sure that we will be able to wear it successfully even in a few years

For many seasons a fashionable item is also a postbag resembling a clutch bag – small, neat, but in spite of appearances often spacious. Ideal for storing the most necessary things, such as wallet, keys, phone or lipstick. The bag can be on a plain strap or a chain, but it’s worth mentioning that the latter are more popular lately. They are usually carried over the shoulder, so the bag is comfortable and perfectly emphasizes every style

A clutch bag never goes out of style

Nothing can replace an elegant, black clutch bag for an official outing. Homogenous or delicately ornamented, it looks perfect when matched with an evening outfit. There is no doubt that this is a timeless model which always looks good. Most often it is carried in hand, but in stores you can also find models on a belt or a chain (if you like to have your hands free). The biggest fan of this model of handbags is undoubtedly Duchess Kate, who reaches for them at every opportunity. No wonder – a simple, black clutch bag can add style to any outfit

Chain handbag not only for dresses

Another timeless model of black handbag is the one with a chain. It will be perfect for official or semi-official outings or parties. It can have any shape – from a small box through a larger trapezoid to a model resembling grandma’s purse. The possibilities are endless! The most popular and at the same time the most classic is a bag with a simple buckle or a magnet. It can be plain or embossed, trendy in recent seasons – we can find such bags in Monnari or Wittchen offer. It does not have to have any decorations, just a chain

Black trunks will add character to every styling

Black trunks can also be classified as classic models. They have enjoyed unflagging popularity for years and nothing seems to promise that this will change. They are very elegant and capacious. They are perfect for many occasions. Currently the most popular are models with gold rhinestones and chains. The combination of gold and black gives them even more style. Handbag can be made of embossed material, suede or smooth leather. Trussardi Jeans, Joop and Coach offer interesting models of such accessories

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