Evening make-up for mature women

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Women of all ages want to look beautiful. A successful style can be enhanced with the right make-up. If you are over 50, you should adapt your cosmetic habits to the requirements of mature skin. We tell you how to create an evening make-up in just a few easy steps that will enhance your natural beauty! Find out which areas of the face are worth highlighting and which cosmetics should be used for this purpose

5 Evening Make-up Tricks for Mature Skin

1. Hide imperfections

The basis of a successful evening make-up look is a perfect complexion. Discoloration or redness should be hidden under a light layer of foundation. The best foundations are those with illuminating properties, which give the effect of skin rejuvenation

2. Light Foundation Shade

Foundation for people with mature skin should not be too heavy or thick. It is worth choosing products with a light and pleasant for the skin formula. A great way to look healthy and natural is to choose a lighter foundation. Dark foundations make you look tired

3. Highlighting Cheekbones

The right application of bronzer and blush on your cheeks can work wonders. When using contouring cosmetics, remember to guide and blend the lines upward to create a lifting effect without scalpels or expensive procedures

4. The skin under your eyes

Special attention should be paid to the area under the eyes, as dark circles or discoloration will look very unfavorable. A well-chosen illuminating concealer should take care of this. It should be applied under the eyes, on the eyelids and on the back of the nose.

5. Masking the eyelashes

The matter of eye shadow or eyeliner is an individual matter. Women of a certain age know very well what makeup will be most beneficial for them. An interesting trick is to carefully apply mascara only on the upper lashes, so that the eye appears larger

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