Do you wear glasses? We tell you how to match your make-up with glasses

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While we can definitely see better with glasses, it becomes a hassle to paint our eyes or eyebrows. Imprecise movement or poorly chosen colors can unnecessarily distort the eyes or give us a hostile look, and too long eyelashes can catch on the glasses. How to remedy this? We present practical tips, thanks to which glasses and makeup will create a perfect duet.

Pros and Cons – Glasses Matter

Depending on the defect of your eyesight, you can be short-sighted, which means you wear minus glasses, or long-sighted and have pluses. Contrary to appearances, this is very important information when it comes to makeup. Why? First of all, minus glasses optically make your eyes smaller, plus glasses make them bigger.

In the first case, it’s worth using a white or flesh-colored pencil on the lower waterline. You also don’t have to be afraid of pearl, glitter and bright eye shadows and smoky lines. In the second case, be careful with the aforementioned cosmetics, which make your eyes look even bigger than they really are. Matte neutral eye shadows in darker colors are ideal.

Down with the imperfections

Eyeglasses, even the most minimalistic ones, attract attention. So it is important to make the under-eye area look its best – bags or dark circles should be camouflaged with a concealer and powdered with a delicate brightening cosmetic.

Remember, by the way, not to apply too much foundation in the nose area. Then there is a risk that it will gather unsightly on the frames and weigh down.

Eyebrows as the perfect frame of the eye

Eyebrows always form the frame of the eye, complementing the entire makeup and influencing the shape of the face. It is no different when we wear glasses, although sometimes the frames can be so thick that they will almost completely cover them. No matter what, eyebrows always need to be perfectly groomed, combed and highlighted, for example with a soft eyeliner.

Eyelashes thickened and extended to the max versus eyeglasses

Nothing accentuates the eyes more than carefully curled eyelashes. This one element can bring out the best in our eyes. Unfortunately sometimes it turns out that long lashes catch the glasses. How to remedy this? Simply curl them with an eyelash curler before applying makeup

Strong frames = strong make-up?

Some of us prefer subtle, almost invisible frames, while others opt for a strong contrast. A spectacle in a bold color has to coordinate with our type and eye color. If we want to have smoky eyes, we should stick to muted colors and not go beyond the frames.

Lip color and eyeglasses – what should I consider?

Makeup is not only about the face and eyes, but also the lips. It is generally accepted that if we emphasize the eyes, then the lips remain neutral and vice versa. The same rule applies when wearing glasses. Strong frames equals neutral lips. Special occasions and night outs are an exception. Then we can replace gloss with a carmine lipstick.

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