How to choose a dress to fit your figure?

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Choosing outfits that suit your figure may sometimes turn out to be difficult. Therefore, first of all you need to determine the shape of your figure and choose those models, which will emphasize your assets, and hide their shortcomings.

Figure type and selection of dresses

There are four basic types of female figure: hourglass, pear, apple and rectangle. At the beginning it is worth to analyze the appearance of our figure, and then choose the appropriate styling.

Pear shape

Pear-shape is characterized by wide hips and narrow shoulders. This is the most common body type. All the weight is shifted to the lower parts of the body, so it is worth to focus on relieving pressure on this part. Outfits with a lot going on at the top are a great choice. Frills, flowers and lace are welcome.

If the top of the body is exceptionally petite, a dress of the Spanish type and a boat-shaped neckline will be perfect. “Pears” should avoid necklines in the shape of “V”, because it does not fit smaller breasts.

The bottom of the dress should be left loose, so that the material does not hug the hips. An excellent choice are envelope or shirt dresses, which emphasize the waist.

Hourglass figure

This type of figure is considered to be ideal. The hips and bust are accentuated, while the waist and stomach are perfectly narrow. Interestingly, hourglasses come in all sizes from 34 to 46! The main point of this figure type is the proportion, which can be seen at first glance. It is worth to focus on it and emphasize it. For an hourglass figure will suit flared dresses with thin straps, inspired by retro style.

An envelope dress or ultra-feminine little black dress will go beautifully with such shapes. Both a tied at the waist envelope dress with a V-shaped neckline, and a tight, bandage creation will pass the test here.

Wrap Dresses and Apple Curves

Ladies with an apple-shaped figure usually have a round belly and large breasts and slim legs. Women with this type of figure have a poorly defined waist. Once upon a time apples were dressed in oversized outfits, however, it turned out that they optically add several centimeters. It is therefore worth choosing more fitted, but not tight dresses.

The perfect outfit for this figure type is one that creates a semblance of a waistline and also emphasizes shapely legs. Therefore, there is no need to be afraid of short forms.

With this figure style dresses in empire, which are cut off under the bust, will work. Thanks to this the “belly” will be hidden. The combination of a light top with a dark bottom will also be beneficial. A new trend are off the shoulders, which will suit this silhouette.

Outfit tailored for a rectangular figure

The last type of figure is a rectangle, which is distinguished by a very slim, boyish build, without a visible waistline. In this case it is worth to create optically cut off and, as in the case of an apple, use a belt, for example. This type of figure represents rather slim people, who can afford more tight models than apple. It is important to keep the top and bottom of the dress separate.

Draped fabrics or decorative appliqués placed on the hips and bust will look great, plus a belt to create the illusion of an hourglass figure.

Women with rectangular figure type will look good in almost every style. With slim figures it is worth betting on the exposure of slender shoulders and back.

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