Learn styling tricks to slim massive calves

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Are massive calves your problem? Have you tried every possible way to slim them and still don’t see satisfactory results? Many women have the same problem. Luckily, there are styling tricks, which can help you slim your calves. Here are some tips!

“How do I slim my calves?” – is this question on your mind like a mantra? No wonder, because the proportions of your silhouette are the most important issue and have a huge impact on how your entire figure looks. Do you think that too-massive calves are a drawback that distorts the proportions of your figure? Find out how to slim your ankles and calves with the right hairstyle!

Why do I have massive calves? Exercises yes, but not for everyone!

Are you someone with a rather proportionate body, who is not overweight, but your calves are massive and this is keeping you up at night? Massive calves are often the result of intensive and regular exercise. Cycling and inline skating, for example! These are cardio-type exercises which accelerate weight loss by burning fat during intense physical effort, but they also lead to intensive work of specific muscles, including calves, thighs and buttocks. When you want to slim down specific body parts, it is better to opt for regular running. The calf muscles also work very intensively while running, but this type of activity leads to slimming of the entire body, including the problematic calf muscles. The muscles will slim and sculpt nicely as fat is burned. Regular walking and any aerobic exercise will also be very good for slimming calves!

Styling tricks to slim down large calves

Ladies who have more massive calves love to wear long dresses and skirts, but this is not necessarily a good option for everyone. Why? Because maxi styles don’t always fit every figure type. Other women try to hide their figure flaws under layer after layer of clothes. This is not a good solution either! The trick is to find the right style for your figure. There are different styles of dresses, skirts, and pants so that everyone can find the right cut and size to suit her figure. Stylists say that there is no body flaw that cannot be reduced with the right cut of clothes. This also applies to overly ample calves, which are often accompanied by overly thick ankles. So how to optically slim massive calves?

Choose the right cut for your figure

Ladies, remember once and for all that slightly thicker and more massive calves are no reason to stop wearing dresses or skirts. Everything is a matter of a properly fitted cut of a given garment. A skirt or dress which is tailored to your figure has a tremendously positive effect on your leg line. So how can you slim your calves with a dress or skirt? First of all, choose styles which do not emphasize or expose the calf line too much. The best option are midi dresses and skirts, which reach to mid-calf. Despite popular opinion (that it makes calves look fatter) it is the perfect length to camouflage the excessively developed part of the body. However, it is important that the dress or skirt have a flared cut. A-line, trapeze or circle cut skirts, such as pleated skirts, will be most suitable, as these cuts do not expose the calves and do not add extra weight to the figure with a too long cut.

The calves can also be optically slimmed by choosing the right cut of pants. Which cuts of pants are the best choice for your massive calves? Mainly the wider ones, which emphasize your other assets. For example, bell-bottom pants, which are back in style again. This type of closet will quickly conceal excessively large calves. It is also worth betting on classic pants of wide cut, which widen at the height of thighs. Straight cut, cropped pants are also suitable to hide thicker calves. In addition, they are universal and suit almost every body type

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