Everyday sandals – what model to decide on this summer?

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There’s nothing like a vacation! Warm air and sunshine make us reach for decidedly lighter clothes. We also need the right accessories for them, such as sandals. What models are worth opting for now? Check out what is on top.

Sandals are the basis of summer closet

We absolutely cannot imagine a summer closet without stylish sandals. No one doubts that these are shoes actually ideal for warm days. It is thanks to them that you will feel light and comfortable, regardless of the high temperature outside. Women’s sandals are perfect both as casual footwear and for special occasions, they wonderfully complement different styles. Looking for the perfect sandals for everyday wear? Check out what’s on right now and make the best decision!

Women’s flat sandals – the most fashionable models

According to many people, the obvious choice for everyday wear is women’s sandals on a flat sole. A heel or a knockoff does not give such stability and not every woman wants to choose it for running around town. Fortunately, footwear manufacturers have really a lot of super-fashionable flat sandals to offer. Invariably popular are quite simple models, that is, simply one-color straps without much decoration. 

Sandals in colors such as black or brown are often chosen, but ladies also like to bet on glitter! Gold or silver sandals are still on trend. Such shoe models work well in everyday outfits, adding a bit of spunk to them.

But how about sandals on a platform?

Not every woman feels comfortable on a flat sole. Some ladies simply like slightly higher shoes, but are still reluctant to choose stilettos for everyday wear. For those who are reluctant to wear stiletto shoes in their daily outfits, we see one solution – and a very popular one at that. We are, of course, talking about stylish sandals on a platform. They are very popular among both lovers of elegant style and those ladies who wear rather casual every day. Anchor sandals give the opportunity to combine a variety of expectations and requirements.

Sandals on a stiletto for everyday wear? Why not!

If for nothing in the world you do not want to give up stilettos on a daily basis – fine! You can easily find stiletto or post sandals that will look cool with everyday clothes. This type of footwear is especially appreciated by admirers of elegant style. If you belong to them, you already know what to look for. Stiletto sandals are also reached for by girls who above all appreciate practical solutions. Why? Well, they are easy to use them later, for example, for a wedding or other event.

Colors – it’s on trend!

No matter what kind of sandals you choose for everyday wear, it is worth reaching for models in intense colors. They are the ones that are on top right now. We mean colors such as red, orange, yellow, blue, pink or green – anything that can be seen from a distance! Such footwear is great especially for everyday wear, enlivening any styling.

main photo: unsplash.com/Irene Kredenets

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