Lipstick finish – satin, pearl or matte?

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Lipsticks are an indispensable part of any makeup. It’s safe to say that they complement it and give it the right character. They can also make the lips more prominent, fuller and enticing. How to adjust the perfect lipstick to the occasion and to the face? Which type of finish to choose?

Lipstick in several ways

The availability of lipsticks on the market can make your head spin. There is no shortage of versions in practically every shade, and on top of that in various finishes. However, it is worth matching them to our beauty type and the effect we want to achieve. In drugstores you will find both matte, satin and pearl versions, each of which is very much on trend at the moment.

Keep in mind, however, that they give completely different effects. Matte lipsticks will make your lips appear larger. This will be the so-called flat magnification. You can get a really great effect with them, in addition, they last a long time on the lips and perfectly emphasize their natural beauty and unique shape. Satin versions are used on a daily basis and are a perfect complement to various make-ups. They can be matched with practically any of them. As a rule, they give a delicate effect. Pearl lipsticks, on the other hand, will make the lips appetizingly highlighted and maximized. They will become more convex and visible. Rather, they are matched with makeup in which the lips play the main role.

Matte, pearl or state – how to match lipstick with makeup?

At the outset, it is worth noting that a lot depends on what kind of occasion you are going to. If it’s a club party, then you can go wild and opt for something strong and unique. If browns suit you, and you have decided to emphasize your eyes strongly, with eyelashes attached as the main part, the lipstick should be lighter. You can bet on a dark color, even one that falls into brown. It is then worth choosing a matte version, which will optically enlarge your lips, but thanks to the finish will not be the main element.

On the other hand, if you opt for a glow on the face, which is very popular nowadays, a pearl lipstick will be a perfect complement, which will emphasize the character of the makeup, also giving it a consistent expression. Satin finish will suit basically any type of makeup. It looks great in nude and red versions. Thus, it will look perfect with perfectly smooth skin with fine freckles and perfectly touched up and separated eyelashes. The dot over the i of such a make-up will be the red lipstick. However, remember to line your lips with liquid concealer after applying it. This will give you a perfect line, which is extremely important with such intense and strong shades.

No matter what lipstick you choose, do not forget to properly prepare your lips. To make the lipstick last long and look beautiful, you need to exfoliate the epidermis and intensively moisturize it. After such a procedure, the color will not come off, and on top of that, the lips will appear perfectly highlighted and firm.

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