Suede or leather – which material to choose shoes for autumn?

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Shoes for the autumn-winter season should not only be fashionable and pretty, but also durable. On the market you will find many materials, which have these features, but which one to choose? We suggest which shoes will work best as an element of autumn closet.

Leather shoes for autumn

A good proposal of shoes for the autumn-winter season are those made of natural grain leather. This type of shoes has a smooth and hard texture, so they do not get too dirty, and any dirt can be easily cleaned. However, remember that systematic cleaning, care and impregnation of shoes are necessary in case of grain leather. It is recommended to use special preparations, because properly cared for leather shoes are models that can last even for several seasons and still look like new. Such footwear is a very good solution also because natural leather is a great protection against the cold and moisture. It is also resistant to damage. The disadvantage of leather shoes is that due to their hardness they may rub a bit at the beginning, however with time the shoes will fit your foot and they will surely be very comfortable

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Grain leather vs. eco leather

It is worth noting that there are quite a few differences between grain leather and eco leather. This is something that we should keep in mind when looking for shoes for autumn. From the appearance, shoes made of eco-leather and those made of natural leather practically do not differ, so it is necessary to read labels carefully. Is it worth to decide on ecological leather in case of autumn shoes? Opinions vary. In favor is certainly the price, because shoes made of eco-leather are much cheaper and the ethical issues of making shoes. However, it is worth noting that such shoes do not let air through as well as natural leather. They are also less resistant to any type of damage.

Autumn suede shoes

A slightly different kind of natural leather is suede. Shoes made of this particular material have a very characteristic texture. They are much softer than those made of grain leather, but unfortunately it means that they are also less resistant to damage and external factors, such as water or salt appearing on the streets during winter. It does not mean, however, that it is not worth buying this kind of shoes, because they are, among others, very comfortable and they fit the leg perfectly

What should you pay attention to when choosing shoes?

What else to keep in mind when choosing shoes for autumn. Among other things, think about what you’re going to wear the boots with. Consider outerwear above all – you won’t be wearing smart boots with a sporty down coat. It is also worth considering whether you need insulated shoes, or whether uninsulated ones will suffice. Pay attention to the sole as well – it is important for it to have a big tread, preventing slipping, for example, on a wet sidewalk. For greater comfort, it should also be a bit thicker to provide adequate thermal insulation.

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