The French lifestyle: why you should be inspired by French women

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Joie de vivre or French joy of life. What is the secret of French women that they always look perfect and know how to enjoy life?

The French have their own hygge, or the famous joie de vivre. Joy of life, enjoying life, daily pleasures, hedonistic lifestyle, for hundreds of years the French know how to enjoy life.

What is joie de vivre?

The joie de vivre in French is about enjoying food, an inspiring conversation, meeting someone new, reading a book in the park, shopping, a fresh bouquet of flowers, it’s about deriving happiness from the smallest things every day. The lifestyle of French women is about appreciating the small pleasures of everyday life.

Les petits bonheurs, or the small pleasures of everyday life

It’s having a glass of your favorite wine on the balcony, a new book by your favorite author, a warm summer evening with friends, coffee brewed in the morning and a croissant for breakfast. When we learn to appreciate such things, life is instantly more beautiful

The French are known for their celebration of food, inviting friends over for dinners that consist of several courses and usually last for hours, during which they eat, drink wine and have conversations

They are also known for the style of French women, who always look impeccable with a minimum of effort. The style of dressing for women in France is simple. It consists of a few basic, base clothes that look good in any combination. Therefore, they save time in choosing their styling and have more time for celebrating life

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