What to wear to a wedding reception?

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A wedding is a special occasion that requires guests to dress elegantly. Read what to consider when planning your outfit to look fashionable and classy.

Basic dress code

The styling for the wedding reception should match the style in which the wedding and reception are organized. The dress code should also be followed – it is worth checking if the information about it was not indicated in the invitation. If the bride and groom ask for adapting to the theme of the party or give other guidelines concerning the dress code, it is worth showing respect and adapting to their idea. The attire for the party should also be appropriate for the weather and above all comfortable, as the party will last for many hours.

The most popular creation, chosen for the wedding by women, is a cocktail dress. An alternative to a dress may be a suit, a stylish overalls or a skirt combined with an impressive blouse or shirt. It should be remembered not to wear creations in white, cream or ecru – on the wedding day those colors should be reserved only for the Bride. According to generally accepted rules, it is also not appropriate to wear a black dress to the wedding, which is associated with mourning.

Wedding in summer

The wedding party requires the guests to dress with class. It is worth to keep moderation and not choose dresses, which expose the body too much or are made of artificial and see-through materials. Emphasize the solemnity of the event with a subdued outfit and delicate makeup. On this day, it is worth to skip deep necklines, thighs exposed, make-up or synthetic, sweat-inducing materials.

For summer wedding receptions, ethereal midi dresses made of airy and natural fabrics, preferably those boho or in powder shades, will do. Recently, floral prints have also become very fashionable. It is good to decide on a creation in which we feel comfortable and which emphasizes our beauty, and also harmonizes with the nature of the ceremony

Many women choose for the wedding party long, flowing to the ground dress with a slit. If you are not tall, bet on the model exposing the ankles – focusing attention on the narrowest part of the leg, optically slimmer figure. A well-chosen cut of a dress will visually add several centimetres of height and will emphasize the assets of your figure.

Before the party, make sure that the creation will be comfortable for dancing and that you have matching stilettos. You can find a wide selection of fashionable dresses here:

Get ready for the formal part of the ceremony

If the wedding ceremony takes place in a church or synagogue, you should take care to cover your shoulders and neckline. Match it with a jacket or a bolero, which you can wear in the church and in the evening, when it gets cooler

Weddings in autumn and winter

In autumn and winter, when the temperatures are much lower, you should pay attention to the materials first. This is a good opportunity to try out thicker fabrics such as jacquard, wool or velour. A long-sleeved dress, paired with a blazer and thicker tights, can be a good option. You can also afford deeper and darker colors that refer to the season.

When planning your winter outfit, you should also think about your choice of shoes and outerwear. A classic black coat and covered stilettos will work as a complement to an elegant outfit.

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