How to style a basket handbag?

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Basket handbag is a real hit of the spring-summer season. Check out how to style it to look fashionable!

Basket handbag – fashionistas loved it!

This is one of the strongest trends, which reveals itself as soon as a warmer wind blows. The basket handbag brings to mind the boho style, to which so many people sigh precisely during the summer months. Without a doubt, such styling looks fantastic. Romantic, light and unique. Basket handbag is a must-have for every stylish girl!

Which handbag do you choose? 

Braided baskets vary. One of the most popular models is a round basket of small size. Just in time to throw into it a wallet, phone and something else small. However, you won’t fit shopping in it, for example. What is different with large braided bags that resemble more a shopper. They, too, have many followers, because they are charming and at the same time very roomy. They can successfully serve as a beach bag, because they can fit really a lot! Another model is simply a handbag that really resembles a basket. It presents itself simply adorable!

Basket handbag in styling

What does such a handbag go with? Certainly it is a great accessory if you are wearing light, airy clothes. So it is not without reason that braided handbags look best in the summer months. In fact, there can be many styling ideas – because each of us is different! A basket will work well with a dress, as well as with pants, or even with jeans and a top. It adds lightness to thicker materials, so it’s definitely worth taking advantage of that.

Outfit with a basket bag

The first thing that comes to mind in this situation is a light holiday dress. It can be a mini, but also a midi or maxi, as these lengths are on trend. By juxtaposing a basket bag with a floral maxi dress, you can create an amazing boho look. Simple, but impressive, and comfortable, especially if you choose a dress made of natural material – such as cotton. A basket handbag will also look cool when paired with a schmissile dress. This can be a very interesting set for the office! 

Another suggestion is styling based on denim pants, a T-shirt or top and a plaid handbag. This can be a cool option for a meeting with friends or shopping, as well as just for every day. A holiday date with a casual vibe? Also think about a basket handbag and jeans!

Basket handbag small or large?

It’s hard to decide what size of plaid handbag is best. In fact, it would probably be worth having at least two, because a large size braided shopper bag is a very practical choice. However, it won’t work for every styling, so a smaller option will undoubtedly be useful as well. Fortunately, you can find a lot of products in the offer of chain stores, and probably everyone will find a handbag to suit his or her abilities. Taking advantage of seasonal discounts, you can even be tempted to buy two!

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