What makeup will be appropriate for a woman who wears glasses?

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Nowadays, corrective eyeglasses not only treat vision defects, but they are also a style element. Many women do not know, what make-up goes best with different frames of glasses. How to wear makeup if you wear glasses?

Eye and lip makeup for nearsighted women – practical tips

Lines under the lower eyelids and so called swallows on the upper eyelid drawn with an eyeliner are not recommended for women with myopia. However, a white crayon will be an indispensable tool – using it to finish the inner part of the lower eyelid, you can optically enlarge the eye, which in women with “minus” glasses looks smaller than it really is. On the lower eyelid and in the inner corner all light shadows will work perfectly – it is worth choosing both pearl and iridescent ones. The upper eyelid can be painted with darker shadows – it is worth choosing their color to match the color of your iris or your preferences. In order to prevent eyelashes from sticking to the glasses, we can replace standard mascara with the waterproof one (a common problem complained about by the owners of naturally long eyelashes). Lips should be painted with magenta or peach lipstick.

Practical Tips for Farsighted Eyes and Lips Makeup

What are the best make-up tricks for farsighted people? So called “plus glasses” optically enlarge the eyes. We certainly won’t look good if we apply on our eyelids glittering and iridescent shadows. A better solution will be matte eye shadow prices in pastel colors (pink, beige, mint, blue). On both upper and lower eyelids we can draw a black or graphite line with an eyeliner and finally use our favorite mascara. “The final touch will be a lipstick or lipstick in a color close to your natural lip color. Such subtle eye and lip makeup will be perfect both for work and for a date with your beloved.

Bold glasses and lip makeup – how to combine them?

Ladies who have thick frames with strong-colored glasses (e.g. black, red, white or gold) should choose lipsticks in muted colors, following the rule that only one area of the face can be strongly emphasized, i.e. either the eyes or the lips. Of course, if we like to stand out and have a rich collection of lipsticks in intensive shades we can bend these rules, painting ourselves so that we can look in the mirror with a smile.

Make-up tips for spectacle wearers – what else should be remembered?

Remember that your makeup should match your glasses frames – so try not to use eye shadow, which will be a big contrast to your frames. After all, we don’t want to look like a Christmas tree, do we? It is also very important to style your eyebrows properly – they should be carefully adjusted and form a harmonious duet with your glasses (according to experts, the upper edge of your glasses frames must coincide with the shape of your eyebrows).

We hope that with our tips to create beautiful eye and lip makeup will not be a problem for any woman who wears glasses every day. It might also be a great idea to get advice from a professional makeup artist. If our funds allow it, it is worth to buy at least a few hours of makeup lessons.

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