What tests should be systematically performed after the age of 40?

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Systematic examination allows to avoid many unpleasant diseases and pain. Moreover, thanks to early detection you can quickly intervene and easily get rid of the problem. Therefore, it is worth prophylactic examination, and in this article we will tell you what tests to perform after 40 years of age.

Complete morphology

A simple test that can show what condition your body is in, and also quickly eliminate ongoing inflammation. It is quite possible that the cause of the chronic fatigue you feel every day is not the fault of work, but simply your body is sending you signals that something is wrong.


Just like morphology, urinalysis is one of the basic tests. It is worth doing at least once every 2-3 years, and after 50 even every year. The examination allows for early detection of any abnormalities, e.g. presence of protein, ketone bodies, blood cells or phosphates. This way you can quickly eliminate them and protect yourself from many diseases.


Very important test, which can protect against many diseases of civilization. Fats play an important role in our body and both their excess and deficiency may be unfavorable. Their proportions are very important, therefore it is worth being systematically examined for them.

Creatinine examination

A very important test which allows to assess the condition and efficiency of the kidneys. Creatinine is a product of protein metabolism, which is excreted in urine.


This test can reduce the risk of cervical cancer by 80%. It should be performed at least every 2-3 years as it allows for early detection of changes.

Breast examination

Breast self-examination should be the routine of every woman and after the age of 45-50 one should undergo mammography. Breast cancer along with lung cancer are among the most common cancers found in Poland with such a high mortality rate.

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