5 elegant hairstyles for short hair

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Short hair actually gives you more styling options. If you are wondering what hair style you should choose for your special event, you may like to try out our ready-made trendy hairstyles.

Short hair is a trendy and comfortable hair style, which is becoming increasingly popular. The right haircut and hair colouring can make you 10 or 15 years younger! Every now and then, a star makes a dramatic change. Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway delighted the world with their short hairstyles

Short hair is very dashing and adds character to our appearance. For special occasions with extra class and flair, short haircuts may be styled to add just the right spice to your outfit. We like to show you our favourite hairstyles.

1. The Classic Bob

This hairstyle has been all the rage for several seasons now and there is no sign of an end to this trend. The bob is cut evenly down to the jawline to help model the facial features. This hairstyle works on very thick hair as well as on fine, thin hair. The strong color gives this hairstyle a modern and fresh look. The classic bob is a hairstyle which looks smart and glamorous but still has a soft touch. The lack of gel and the absence of severe styling takes care of the natural effect.

2. Pixie cut

This short haircut is characterised by a longer fringe. The pixie cut accentuates facial features and exposes the neck and shoulders for a very stylish, feminine and elegant look. Short and middle-aged women look particularly appealing for short and medium-length women. Short, asymmetric cuts and strongly layered hairstyles are ideal for round faces because they optically slim the face. One of the undisputed top hits are hairstyles with softly thinned bangs, which slightly overlap the eyes.

3. Short Curls

If you have short but uncut hair (about shoulder-length) you may prefer soft curls for a special occasion. This hairstyle is always a great choice whether for an informal lunch or a lavish party. The style was made popular by Hollywood stars of the 1950s like Marilyn Monroe. Noticeably shorter curls are the true hit of 2021. This hairstyle certainly takes years off our appearance and adds to the girlishness and softness of the hairstyle.

4. The cheeky quiff

There’s no way around the quiff, which we’ve been seeing for years. This is a hairstyle with character for a special occasion. It is a great idea for courageous women who like it comfy but also want to stand out from the crowd. The hairstyle is ideal for a date night for instance. The ponytail adds sex appeal to your entire hairstyle. The make-up needs to be perfect. Women with short hair often like to draw attention to their eyes as much as possible. Smoky eyes and a lash-enhancing mascara are ideal for this purpose. Strong make-up gives short hair an even more elegant appearance.

5. Blunt bob

This hair style is characterised by a sharp, straight cut. The hair reaches about jaw level. The blunt bob is one variation of the bob, where the hair is cut perfectly straight without any layering. Straightened hair, very evenly cut at the bottom, makes us look very elegant, classic and appealing

Main Photo: Anh Tuan To/unsplash.com

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